What is the rest bonus in Lost Ark?

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Lost Ark and games love to keep players on board for a very long time, checking out their favorite MMO every day if possible. But very few games can hope to dominate the audience in this way, so it makes sense to add a break bonus.


What is the rest bonus in Lost Ark?


The Rest Bonus is the post-game content system of this popular MMORPG that ensures players can succeed even if they take multiple days off. The system is beneficial for those running Chaos Dungeons and working on a simple number game.



Rest Bonus in Lost Ark

Simply put, the rest bonus is accumulated when players do not use their Lost Ark points to complete Chaos Dungeons. While this won't keep them on par with their daily raiding friends, it will keep them from falling behind.


In order to get the maximum loot from the Chaos Dungeon, players must have the Abode Aura. They receive 100 units of this unique resource at the start of each day. To get the maximum reward in the Chaos Dungeon, you need 50 residence auras. This means that the player can only go through the dungeons twice a day before they receive a substantially diminishing return.


The rest bonus is credited when the player leaves the Aura of Resonance on their account for the night. When the daily reset occurs (10:00 UTC), those with 50 residence auras remaining gain 10 rest bonuses. A player can hold up to 100 rest bonuses at a time.



Using the rest bonus in Lost Ark

Accumulating a rest bonus is as easy as not using the residency aura or not raiding the Chaos Dungeons. Taking advantage of the rest bonus is also easy and offers great benefits.


If a Lost Ark player has a rest bonus of 20, their next entry into Chaos Dungeon will have double the normal payout. This means that every two days spent with 50 Aura of Resonance will allow the player to earn double Lost Ark currency in a single playthrough.


The Rest Bonus benefit only applies to the first two Chaos Dungeon dives made on a new day. This means that if a player accumulates 100 vacation bonuses, he will work it off over the next three days.


The rest bonus is not as beneficial as a daily pass to the Chaos dungeons. It takes two days to leave a full streak on the table for a one future streak bonus. If a player made one pass every day and then cashed out their doubles, they would still be one full Chaos Dungeon payout behind someone who grinds every day.


The rest bonus allows Lost Ark players to return anytime they want. without feeling too retarded. Those who return to the dungeons after a break will be pleasantly surprised by the additional payout.


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